LRE Solutions, Inc. was established in 1999 by founder, Rich Garchar.  For 15 years, he has helped implement strategies to maximize the local PRESENCE of companies, executives and employees from the emerging markets. We believe that your local presence must not end with your real estate; that is the beginning.  Our mission is to ensure our clients are visible in their new communities while becoming part of the local fabric. We implement a multi-faceted approach catering to the location of your real estate (commercial and residential), your local virtual presence, executive branding and speaking engagements, executive visibility, appropriate government introductions, media and more.

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Real Estate

We specialize in finding viable space and facility options for companies from emerging markets locating in North America.  We customize the approach to the specific needs of our client.  Our philosophy is that real estate presence should be part of a larger branding and outreach strategy – both at a corporate and local level.  Real estate can and should act as the fulcrum for the outreach and integration into the local market and beyond.  Our goal is to help create presence beginning at your facility, continuing throughout the facility complex and finally out and into the community.

Local Integration

Being active and integrated into a local market can prove very valuable.  Municipal organizations, professional organizations, charities, civic involvement, potential investors and other strategic connections can help you expand your presence and create opportunity.  We guide and support our clients, integrating them into the fabric of a new city.

Academic Collaboration

Colleges and Universities are often open to collaborating with private organizations.  Such collaborations can be very valuable to the academic institution as well as the private enterprise.  The learning institution provides its students with on the job training and practical application in their field of study that can lead to a job opportunity after graduation.  The private enterprise can benefit from a specialized skill set that it can apply to a specific project.  Collaborations with colleges and universities also can create valuable exposure for a firm which can help it attract and retain young talent.

Government Relations

Incentives can play a role when a company from overseas is moving into a new territory.  City, county and state governments often offer programs designed to attract companies to their respective location.  We can introduce you to the key players effecting these incentives and also help negotiate these incentives to your benefit.

VIP Support

We support C-level employees, upper level management, diplomats, politicians and other high net worth individuals while they visit the United States.  We support and assist in all forms during your stay.  Please contact us for more details.



Client Specific Focus

We are experienced in addressing the real estate needs for companies from emerging markets (EMC).  For the past 15 years we have represented EMCs of all sizes in the following ways:  brokerage, lease-purchase analysis, economic incentives, portfolio analysis, geographic analysis and demographic analysis.  We are experienced in the nuances that are often associated with EMC projects which enables us to provide additional value.

Industry Specific Focus

We focus our efforts to work primarily with companies from emerging markets that have real estate requirements in North America.  We focus on engaging with IT/consulting, data analytic and financial companies. Such firms that come from the emerging markets tend of have a specific template that they wish to implement. Our expertise in this area helps us provide value to such requirements.

We Locate Space Options

We are experienced in finding appropriate real estate options for EMCs.  We will address all of your project parameters to ensure that we provide qualified opportunities which in turn will save time.  Different business requirements dictate the property parameters – having experience with the project type translates into efficient and quality results.

Software Development Centers

We are experienced in locating and creating first class development centers. Many of these development center requirements have been for the specific project implementation of Fortune 100 companies. We have been involved in projects of all shapes and sizes – some being dedicated to support a specific contract while others have supported multiple engagements.


Because of narrowing cost arbitrage in certain emerging markets, it is becoming more common for EMCs to create BPO centers in North America.  BPO centers have their own nuances that are often separate of a traditional development center. Density, parking, stress to building systems, location, saturation and cost scratch the surface. We have helped guide clients create BPO centers for Fortune 100 companies.



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